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How do laminators work?

There are two types of laminators, which use pouches or film as laminating material and both types seal the item with that laminating material, protecting it from further wear, spillage, aging, and scratching. Depending on the laminator’s type, different types and sizes of items could be laminated, from family photos to large posters.

What are the benefits of using laminators?

Laminating allows you to protect important documents, maps, family photos, office and school papers, and even posters. Buying a laminator for the home office or for your business will let you keep better records, preserve memories, and keep important documents for years to come. The laminators are very easy to operate, they use pouches or film, which are inexpensive and some of the top models are very robust and allow the user to process hundreds of documents per day.

What are the different types of laminators and what are their features?

The two main types of laminators, available on the market today are the hot and cold laminators. The hot laminators typically produce better quality lamination, with fewer imperfections and seal the item better, protecting it for years. However, if you need to laminate heat sensitive items, then using cold laminators comes highly recommended. Photos, faxes, and ink-jet printed documents could be damaged by the heat and should be run through cold laminators.

In addition, some laminators use pouches, while others use laminating file – the pouches are used as “pockets,” where the item is inserted and sealed and any excess trimmed by the laminator. The films are a bit more flexible since they permit one or two –side laminating, where one-side lamination could be useful in a number of applications. Both films and pouches are available in different thickens and the pouches come in different sizes as well.

» Fellowes

Fellowes Enhance A4 80Micron Laminating Pouch 100PkFellowes Neptune A3 LaminatorFellowes Impress A4 100Micron Laminating Pouch 100PkFellowes Cosmic A3 LaminatorFellowes Mars LaminatorFellowes Laminator PouchesFellowes Jupiter A3 LaminatorFellowes Neptune A3 LaminatorFellowes Cosmic A4 Laminator Glossy WhiteFellowes Cosmic LaminatorFellowes Laminator SPL A2 57123-73Fellowes Cosmic A3 Laminator WhiteFellowes Voyager A3 LaminatorFellowes Saturn A3 LaminatorFellowes SPL A3 Laminator GreyFellowes Mars A4 Laminator Fellowes Saturn A4 LaminatorFellowes Venus A3 LaminatorFellowes Mars A3 Laminator White 5701101Fellowes Venus A3 LaminatorFellowes EXLA4 LaminatorFellowes Jupiter A3 LaminatorFellowes Laminating Pouches A3 80mic 25 PackFellowes - Lamination pouches - 25 x glossy - A4 (210 x 297 mm)Fellowes Mars A4 LaminatorFellowes Cosmic A4 LaminatorFELLOWES SATURN A3 LAMINATORFellowes Mars A3 LaminatorFELLOWES SATURN A4 LAMINATOR

Fellowes Laminators: A Necessary

Fellowes, Inc is a company that manufacturers office products including binding and laminating equipment, paper shredders, technology accessories, desktop accessories, and also record storage of boxes. Fellowes owns and operates 15 subsidiaries worldwide situated in countries like Canada, China, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Poland, Singapore, Australia etc. Fellowes is a very old company as it was founded by the famous Harry Fellowes in 1917 when it had only produced record storage boxes.

Fellowes, Inc offers a wide range of laminating products, a machine which can be used by a person in his home to a machine that is built for a large office. In large offices, people require reliability, speed and efficiency and Fellowes will offer you all this, and in addition to offering you a machine that has all these qualities, the laminator will also be safe, have a great functionality and superior styling. For an office that requires something less than this, Fellowes has a type of laminator for them too. The office users require a laminator that is reliable and which delivers great results every time with a wide variety of pouches. With the Fellowes laminating machine you will also get a 100% Jam free guarantee which means you never have to deal with those ugly jams again.

In addition to the guarantee, Fellowes also provides class leading design and safety features. They also manufacture the SOHO (small office and home office) laminators. Fellowes Multi purpose Laminator also allows individuals to have the facility of both hot and cold laminations. The most common kind of lamination used worldwide is the hot laminations. The cold laminations are mostly needed for items printed on thermal paper. The main merit of this Multi Purpose Laminators is that you need not buy two different laminators for hot and cold applications. All this can be achieved in a single machine. Another merit of this laminator is that it is designed in such a way so that it is easy to carry and store. It includes a dual purpose tray as well as a protective cover to save it from dust.

The Fellowes laminators has all these features plus a little more by giving unmatched styling and great functionality. Fellowes in addition to providing you with laminators for your every kind of need also gives you a wide range of accessories and supplies so that you can laminate like a pro. Though the price range of these laminators is a little high, still many prefer purchasing them because of their reliability.


GBC Inspire A4 Laminator UKGBC Photo Laminator Fixed Speed ID-A4GBC HeatSeal H312 A3 Laminator SureflowGBC H415 A3 Laminator for Sizes ID-A3 360micron 4.5kg W130xD580xH225mmGBC Heatseal H65 A4 UK LaminatorGBC Laminator H215 A4 UkGBC H75 A3 Office Laminator SilverGBC Quickstart H320 Laminator for Sizes ID-A3 2x125micron 3.5kg W400xD173xH117mmAcco GBC H320 Quickstart LaminatorGBC HeatSeal H65 A4 Laminator Compact up to 250 micron 2.5kg W362xD108xH102mmGBC Laminator Soho OFFA3 H312GBC LAMINATOR OFF PRO A3 H520GBC Laminator Soho OFFA4 H212GBC Ultima 35 A3 Roll Laminator Large Format GBC Laminator H315 A3GBC Heatseal H405 LaminatorGBC Heatseal H535 Turbo A3 LaminatorGBC Pro Series 4000LM Laminator IB509629GBC Smart Laminator for Sizes Photo - A4Acco GBC H420 Quickstart LaminatorGBC HeatSeal H212 A4 Laminator SureFlowGBC Laminator H215 A4 UK GBC Laminator Off Pro A3 H520Acco Ultima 35 Ezload Roll LaminatorGBC Heatseal H535 Turbo A3 LaminatorGBC Heatseal H425 A3 Laminator SilverHeat Seal H400 Laminator Photo Qaulity A3 GBCGBC Heatseal H415 Laminator 2100973GBC Photo Laminator Fixed Speed ID-A4 up to 150 micron with A4 Trimmer and 12 6x4in PouchesGBC HeatSeal H75 A3 SoHo Laminator Compact up to 250 micron 3kg W451xD108xH102mmGBC Quickstart H420 Laminator for Sizes ID-A3 2x175micron GBC Ultima 65 Roll Laminator Large Format 25inch 59.2kgGBC HeatSeal H535 Turbo A3 Laminator ID-A3GBC HeatSeal H425 A3 Laminator OfficeGBC HeatSeal H312 A3 Laminator SureFlowGBC HeatSeal H215 A4 LaminatorGBC Smart Laminator for Sizes Photo - A4 up to 150 micron GBC HeatSeal H520 A3 Laminator OfficeGBC HeatSeal H315 A3 Laminator High Speed up to 250 micron 3.1kg 485x135x94mm Ref 4400434GBC HeatSeal H425 A3 laminator with additional cold temperature settingGBC Laminating Pouches Premium Quality 150 Micron for A4 - Ref 3740400 (Pack 100)GBC Laminator H315 A3 Uk

More about GBC Laminators

GBC, the General Binding Corporation, is a global manufacturer for offices and has manufactured many highly recognized global brands of lamination, binding and other lamination products. GBC has been in this business for about 50 years as it was founded in the year 1947 and has become one of the world leaders in laminating, binding and displaying products.

The laminators that GBC provides its customers are high in benefits and features. You will be able to reduce the time required, the labor and the supply by up to 45% compared to the other standard pouch laminators. The GBC laminators work automatically and you will be able to feed, laminate and trim all this at the touch of a single button. The GBC laminators are said to have the fastest warm up so that you don’t have to wait a lot to begin your lamination. The warm up time is two minutes and some of the GBC laminators also heat up under only a matter of 60 seconds. GBC laminators also have a fast finishing application so that it is possible for you to laminate 25 documents in just a matter of 12 minutes. The laminators will also help you save the preparation time as they use EZload roll film and you will not have load pouches.

You can choose GBC laminators for all types of laminating needs you require. You can purchase a laminator which suits your needs depending upon the items that you would want to put in the laminator. The GBC roll laminators can produce banner and longer items. GBC has laminators for office workspaces and are ideal for workspaces as they can laminate all pouch thicknesses; they bare fast and are most durable. GBC also has laminators that are ideal for desktops in your small office and homes as they are of lighter duty which can help to laminate the most common pouch thickness. Some of the GBC laminators have the fastest warm up facility and the finishing is also very fast, almost twice as fast as GBC’s competitors.

The GBC laminators are also provided with Jam Free technology that you can laminate your documents without any hassle. The lamination procedure in the laminator is very easy as the touch button control removes all the guess work. GBC also has the exclusive Quick release technology for any documents that you may mis-feed in the laminator.

» Cathedral

Cathedral A4 Double LaminatorLaminating Pouches 150 Micron, 100 Pack, A4Cathedral A4 Laminator plus 100 A4 150 Micron Laminating PouchesCathedral A3 Laminator with Jam ReleaseCathedral A4 Laminator with Jam Release

Cathedral Laminators

Cathedral Products Ltd is a company that manufactures office equipment, cash box, cash management products, stationery and much more. Cathedral Products Ltd constantly strives to add more and more products to the existing extensive products line for its customer’s convenience in their office and home environment. Initially, the company had focused its attention on home filing but now the product line of Cathedral Products Ltd has grown extensively and it now includes Security safes, Guillotines, paper trimmers and filing systems which include Laminators, Shredders and Plastic Filing boxes.

Cathedral Products Ltd offers to its customers a great line of laminators for all kinds of laminating needs. Their laminators are ideal products if you wish to protect your important photographs or documents from all the wear and tear, or if you want to enhance the look, durability and feel of your business documents for a business presentation. Whatever may be the reason, Cathedral Products Ltd will provide you with the best laminators. The laminator that Cathedral offers has a fast warm up technology so that you will not have to wait for a longer time to begin with the lamination process. The laminators also have a jam release switch which will make dealing with any jams that you might have, like a piece of cake. These laminators also employ an advanced hot roller technology to provide you with the best lamination of your documents. The A4 laminator of Cathedral Products Ltd is 2010 New Products Award Winner at the Office Products Show of the OPI and Stationery Magazine. The A4 laminator gives you the ability to laminate two documents at once with its new innovative technology.

This feature saves a considerable amount of time and energy. These laminators seal your document air tight in just a matter of seconds and protect them from all the environmental factors that wish to cause harm to your precious documents. These laminations will not cloud or even discolor with age and your documents will be just as new forever. Some of the features of Cathedral Laminations are that they have a fixed temperature control and carrier sheets are not required. Some of these models have offers wherein they provide a starter pack of the pouches so that you can get started right away.

The two main types of laminators available are the hot and cold laminators. Mostly people prefer purchasing hot laminators as they keep the documents protected for years. Cold laminators are useful to laminate heat sensitive items. Hence, choose the one which suits your requirements.

» Hama GmbH & Co. KG


Hama Laminators

The Hama GmbH and Co KG is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of accessories which include photo, audio, video, telecommunications, multimedia and also office equipments. It offers to the customers around 18,000 products among which the most popular ones are tripods, filters, Flash and Studio accessories, AV cables, camera bags, memory cards, laminators, headphones along with many computer accessories such as USB and peripherals, Ethernet cables and Fire wire and many more products. The Hama Company was first established by an 18 year old photographer named “Martin Hanke” in the year 1923 but, back then it was called as Hamaphot KG when it had only specialized in photo accessories. Slowly and steadily it expanded its range and now it also manufactures laminators.

The laminators that Hama offers are simply great. They are affordable and have the value for money. If you are tired with your old and irritating and inefficient laminator and you encounter jams in it frequently and you want to sort out the pile of documents that keeps getting broader and broader, then Hama laminators are the best choice. Hama offers you a great line of laminators depending on your budget and your need. The major products manufacturers of laminators are very expensive but Hama will give you those features and quality at such a low price that you will be amazed. The laminators are two wheel hot lamination devices so that your laminations on your documents are very good. The laminators of Hama are gaining much popularity in the markets because their design is very easy to use and the performance that they will give you every time you will switch it on will be power packed.

These laminators are made in such a way that they incorporate all the features that the good modern laminators should have and these laminators will not fail to deliver their performance on efficient lamination at the same time having a consistent lamination quality. They are also available to you in a lot of colors so that you can select which ever you like the best. The thermal circuitry of these laminators of Hama is well built and is up to date with all the latest technological advancements. These laminators are a great value for money and they are totally affordable to all people and have great features which match the quality of all the big laminator manufacturers.

» Electrovision

5R Laminator Pouches 10 PackA3 LaminatorA4 Laminator5R Laminator

Electrovision Laminators: A Good Value for Money

Electrovision has been in the business for over 20 years and has learnt all the trades of the game. In the beginning it had only manufactured and distributed disco, DJ lighting and DJ speakers, but now it has expanded its product much beyond that. Electrovision now manufacturers and distributes so many different types of accessories for your home as well as your office. And, it has now entered the field of office supplies and management and has brought for its users excellent laminators.

If you will be laminating for the first time you will expect some difficulty as it will be your first attempt but Electrovision Laminators are made in such a way that anyone can use it without any difficulties. In fact, you will be surprised at the ease at which you will be able to laminate your documents. If you want to protect your precious photos and documents from all the wear and tear due to the bad handling, or if you want to create an impression on other colleagues in your office by enhancing the look and feel of your documents, then bring home Electrovision laminators and start laminating your documents right away. Electrovision has laminators for every kind of need. If you want to laminate small documents and photographs, they have got a laminator which will fit your need and if you want to laminate large documents, Electrovision has the laminator which will you’re your needs. These laminators are quite speedy in their work. They are efficient and the laminating process is thermostatically controlled so that no damage will ever be done to your documents.

The laminating quality of Electrovision laminators is excellent with no air bubbles in the lamination or wrinkles. The only demerit of Electrovision laminations are that it takes a lot of time to warm up, around 20 minutes, but when it’s warm and running it will laminate perfectly and quickly. You will also have to laminate your documents one at a time and also wait for the laminator to warm up between the laminations. However, at the price this laminator is being offered all this is such a bargain. Electrovision laminators are a good value for money. They have easy to use controls, the laminations are very good, they will develop no air bubbles or wrinkles on them, the documents will get protected and you can laminate so many different sizes of documents.

» Swordfish

Swordfish  A4 SuperSlim Laminator 4 Rollers Model 40187 - BlueSwordfish  A4 SuperSlim Laminator 4 Rollers Model 40186 - RedSwordfish A2 Professional Laminator 450HDA3 Professional Laminator 330HDSwordfish A4 Laminating Pouches 2x75 mic (Box 100)Swordfish A3 Office-Pro Laminator 330LRSwordfish A3 Pro Laminator 330HDSwordfish 250micron Laminator Pouches (100pcs)Swordfish A4 Laminating Pouches 2x75 mic (Box 25)500 A4 150 MICRON LAMINATING POUCHES + SWORDFISH 230LR A4 LAMINATORSwordfish Laminating Pouches Starter Pack - Box of 50 - 2x75 micSwordFish A3 Home-Office 330LR LaminatorSwordfish A4 Home-Office 230LR Laminator

Swordfish Laminators deliver excellent performance

Laminating is becoming more and more popular. Many people want to laminate their important documents and photographs so that they will always be protected from dust, scratches and tears. Obviously no one would want to spoil their important documents due to spills or dirty hands. By laminating the documents they are permanently protected by the laminating machines sealing them between the laminating pouches. Laminating your documents could also create a good impression on other colleagues in your office as all your documents look and feel so brilliant. Hence, to enhance the durability of your documents, Swordfish laminators are the ones that you should purchase. Swordfish has manufactured laminators for all kinds of laminating needs.

The Swordfish laminators are dedicated towards their work, when it comes to delivering performance and handling the workload. These laminators are a one step solution to all your laminating needs. They will ensure a swift and speedy lamination as their laminating speed is quite high.

Some of the laminators are also provided with preset speed controls and reverse controls, so that you may have absolute control over the lamination procedure. A few Swordfish Laminators have four hot roller technologies which will give an excellent lamination quality. The warm up time of these laminators is just about four to eight minutes and once they have warmed up you will not have to worry about your documents at all as the laminator will safely laminate all your documents. These laminators are quite light in weight if you need to carry it around from your office to home or any other place for working.

Some of the Swordfish laminators have also been provided with a revolutionary Jam free technology so that none of your documents get jammed in the device and you will not have to deal with those ugly jams ever again. The warm up time required by these laminators is less as compared to its competitors. Hence, these laminators will use lesser energy, which will save your electricity bills. The design of these devices is super slim so that storage becomes hassle free.

The Swordfish SuperSlim and Compact Laminators are the most popular among home and office users. This is simply because this new model is compact, light weight and offers efficient lamination. All Swordfish laminators come with a two year warranty. And, mostly they come up with offers in which they provide free pouches with purchase of every laminator.

» Esselte

Esselte Pouch LaminatorEsselte Hr9 A4 Laminator Silv/Blu 24257Esselte HL9 A4 Home Laminator

» Aurora

Aurora LM3211H A3 Document LaminatorAurora LM4221H A4 Document Laminator

» Q Connect

Q Connect A4 Laminator Light GreyQ Connect A3 Laminator Light GreyQ Connect A3 Laminator Light GreyQ Connect A4 LaminatorQ Connect A4 Laminator Light GreyA3 250 MICRON GLOSS LAMINATING LAMINATOR POUCHES PK25

» Rexel

P100 Laminator Pouch A4 150 MicP100 Laminator Pouches A5 150 MicLaminator

» Texet

Texet A4 LaminatorTexet A4 LaminatorTexet A3 LaminatorTexet A4 Laminator Black LMA4-VA4 Laminator

» Laminators

Royal Sovereign PL-910 A4 Office Pouch LaminatorA4 Laminating Pouches 100 PackA4 Personal LaminatorA6 LaminatorA3 Laminating Pouches 25 PackA3 LaminatorHome & Office LaminatorDraper A4 LaminatorIQ Office A4 Laminator, plus 10 Laminating PouchesLAMINATORA4 laminator, silent, automatic 25cm/minValue Laminator

» Ibico

Ibico Pouchmaster iL-19VT A2 Laminator ID-A2 500 micron W675xD190xH105mmIbico IB508295 Pouchmaster pq A3 laminator

» 5 Star

5 Star Office Laminating Pouches 250 Micron for Credit Card size 54x86mm Glossy (Pack 100)5 Star Office Laminating Pouches 150 Micron for A3 Glossy (Pack 100)5 Star Office Laminating Pouches 150 Micron for A4 Glossy (Pack 100)5 Star Office Laminating Pouches 250 Micron for A4 Glossy (Pack 100)5 Star Laminator Pouches A7 250 Micron Glossy [Pack 100]

» Laminator Pouches

Pack Of 25 Pavo A3 250 Micron Laminator Laminating Pouches SheetsPack Of 100 A4 Laminating Laminator Pouches Sheets 150 MicronPeach 200 Micron Laminating PouchesA3 LAMINATING POUCHESLaminating Pouches Credit Card Size (pk50)Home and Office A4 laminator pouches 25 packLaminator Pouch A4 250mic Pk100 41623

» Ryman

Ryman A4 Laminating Pouches - Pack 100 150 MicronRyman A4 Laminating Pouches - Pack 25 150 MicronSelf Laminating Card 56 x 90 mmRyman A6 Laminating Pouches - Pack 25 150 MicronRyman Business Card Laminating Pouches - Pack 25 60x95mmRyman A3 Laminating Pouches - Pack 25 250 MicronRyman A5 Laminating Pouches - Pack 100 150 Micron

» Olympia

Olympia Starter-Kit laminator foils1x50 Olympia laminator foils DIN A 3 125 micron 91751x100 Olympia laminator foils DIN A 6 125 micron 91781x100 Olympia laminator foils DIN A 5 125 micron1x50 Olympia laminator foils DIN A 3 80 micron 91741x100 Olympia laminator foils DIN A 4 125 micron 9176

» Other reviews

Easy Trimmer and Laminator - Model 1025Rexel 2100669 LH240 A4 personal laminatorXYRON Creative Station Laminator (Other Search Terms: Printer accessories - Printer and fax machine)COMBINATION LAMINATING KITFELLOWES SATURN A4 LAMINATOR 230VXYRON 21.5 cm x 3.5 m magnetic/laminator cartridge for Creative Station Printer paperQ Connect A3 LaminatorSwordfish 230LR A4 Laminator plus 100 A4 150 Micron Laminating Pouches100 A3 150 MICRON LAMINATING POUCHES + A3 LAMINATOR SWORDFISH 33OLRLaminator A4 PAPER PICTURE Retail Boxed --6056A3 HOT LAMINATOR

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