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[09/05/2010] Drytac JetMounter Laminator

The Drytac JetMounter laminator is a cold-roll motorized laminator, ideal for laminating inkjet prints, but is also suitable for working with any other heat-sensitive prints. The model is operated with the help of a foot switch, which allows the person, using the JetMounter, to freely use both of his or her hands during the laminating process.

The Drytac JetMounter laminator uses pressure-sensitive film and can easily handle prints with up to 25mm thickness, which makes it great for laminating photographs, posters, artwork, as well as foam and PVC boards. The Drytac JetMounters use quality rollers that ensure perfect lamination and also offer variable speed and forward and reverse actions.

The Drytac JetMounter series work with various standard widths like 18, 26, 34, 44, 54, and 63 inches.

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