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[09/05/2010] Cold Roll Laminators

The cold roll laminators use pressure-sensitive film, which has an adhesive side that gets applied directly to the print; the cold roll laminators are great for heat-sensitive materials and are often used for laminating vinyl banners, maps, posters, sings, and various documents. Since there is no heating used, there is no need for power and certain types of cold roll laminators are great for outdoor use as well. The types and models of cold roll laminators range from the most simple to the industrial, motorized, wide-format professional laminating machines, used in the printing industry. Some models have various controls like pressure adjust handles, easy-loading cartridges, and functions that allow the speed of the lamination process to be adjusted as well.

The popularity of the cold roll laminators has increased after the inkjet printer concurred great share of the printers’ market; this led to the need of laminators that can work with heat-sensitive ink since the heated roll laminators were not suitable for the task. 

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