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[09/05/2010] Heated roll laminators

The heated roll laminators use one or two rolls of film, with the two rollers being most common; the rolls are slid into metal bars, known as mandrels, which are then positioned on top and on the bottom of the laminator. The heated roll laminators use heat and pressure to apply and glue the thin film to the prints. These laminators are most suitable for laminating large number of prints since they can be continuously fed to the laminator; most heated roll laminators have speed and temperature controls that allow the process to be further fine-tuned.

The heated laminating machines vary in size and are most commonly found in offices, schools, and libraries, while the biggest, industrial laminators are used in the printing industries for laminating large numbers of postcards, banners, and posters. The main advantage of the heated roll laminators is their speed; the quality is also high since the rollers press the film firmly and apply it evenly to the prints, which removes all air bubbles and the laminated prints are scratch-free. Some heated laminators have only one roll, mounted on top that allows laminating only one side of the print. Most models heated roll laminators can easily work with films with various thicknesses, while the most common width of the laminated prints is 25 and 27 inches.

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