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[07/01/2011] Fellowes Cosmic A3 Laminator users comments

  • Very happy with the laminator – it takes some time to heat up, but works well and there are no bubbles and wrinkles!
  • This is very simple to use laminator and I am liking the Fellowes products more and more. I have been using the laminator for more than six months on a daily basis and it still works great.
  • This is my second laminator and compared to the first one, which didn’t last more than two months, is much better. Even though not meant for super heavy use, I have been using it for a few hours almost every day with no issues at all. It takes a few minutes to warm up (probably six minutes or so), but once it’s ready, it operates smoothly. I also love the pack that it came with a few pouches and even though they are quite cheap, it still was a nice touch.
  • I am an amateur photographer and wanted to laminate some of the pictures that I have taken throughout the years. They weren’t that many, so I was looking for something quite simple, affordable, and easy to use; choose this one because of the good brand and the fact that it works with A3 size and I believe I made the right choice!
  • It works just like it should and it’s very easy to use.
  • After my cat managed to destroy my previous laminator, I had to buy a new one. Decided to go with the Fellowes Cosmic, placed my order online, and the first thing I did after that was to lock it in my office, so the cat cannot come anywhere near it. The laminator is not the fastest I have seen, but it works for me just fine – I use it with A4 pouches and so far have never had a problem.
  • I have used it for two weeks and I am quite pleased with my prices – it heats up in a matter of minutes, works nicely, and stays cold on the surface.
  • It is probably the best product for the price – cheap, but sturdy, relatively fast, and it’s very easy to use.
  • My wife and I have been using it for close to a month and we are both quite happy with it. I don’t claim to be an expert, but this laminator is hard to beat – it is very affordable, quiet, works with A3 and up to 100 microns thick pouches. I have also used it for different items from library cards to documents and pictures and have never had a malfunction yet. If it happens to jam, there is a jam release too, so you won’t have to take the thing apart.
  • This product is very efficient, quiet, and safe! It is also so simple that you don’t have to read manuals and can just plug it in and start using it right away.

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