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[07/01/2011] Fellowes Cosmic A4 Laminator Comments

  • It is a great product, sturdy, simple, and very easy to operate.
  • This is my third laminator and although it warns up a tad slower than my previous ones, it is still a very good one. It works as it should and is definitely a good value for money.
  • Fellowes is a great brand and I am quite fond of this machine too, in fact, I cannot stop laminating, and if I keep going at this speed, pretty soon everything in the house will be in pouches. I am very happy with my purchase!
  • I use it in my office, which is not too big and always quite messy, so the small size and the light weight of this product definitely came in handy for me. It is also very easy to set up and use, heats up the pouches evenly, and there are on wrinkles in the laminates. It takes about a minute to laminate an A4 size document, which I am quite happy with, but if you have to process a lot of document, then this might be a bit slow. However, for any small office or home use, this is a good as it gets.
  • Being my first laminator ever, I find it quite fun and simple. So far, I have never had any issues or jams, the A4 laminates are pretty decent, the pouches are also quite cheap, and the thing heats up reasonably quickly. If I have to rate it, I would easily give it five out of five.
  • For the past two years I had a more expensive, but older model laminator, which could handle many hours or work with no problem, but was jamming quite often. It didn’t have a jam release, so I had to take it apart quite often, and then put it back together and that wasn’t too amusing, especially when I had to go through dozens of documents. Once the old one broke, I wanted to replace it with newer one that can work with A4 papers and have a jam release mechanism, so I wouldn’t have to reach for the screwdriver if the document gets stuck. This one was on sale, so I didn’t really have to think too hard before buying it, and now that it has been in my possession for more than two months, I am quite pleased with its quality.
  • This is the perfect product for the small office!
  • Our school always buys the Fellows products and although I am guessing that the price pays its role, they are good quality too. We have been using this laminator for quite some time and it sure serves its purpose. I love how it beeps when it’s ready to use, and even though I don’t subject it to a heavy use, I am quite confident that it will handle even heavy load quite well.
  • All in all this is a very good product!
  • It heats up relatively quickly, it stays cold on the outside, and cools off quite quickly too. I have tried it with different size items and all of them came out nicely laminated, so I am quite happy with this product.
  • This laminator sure outperforms my old one and is faster, much quitter, and has a jam release, which is always a good thing. I use it almost daily and although I don’t run that many documents, so far it has been working like a charm and I hope that it will keep working for quite some time.

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