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[25/04/2010] Pouch Laminator Maintenance

Most of the laminators require a special carrier. Carriers are different in color and they are similar in thickness to a file holder. A carrier is important because it holds the pouch while it runs through the laminator. It prevents the hot glue from gumming up the rollers. It prevents the machine to be sticky and difficult to use in long term. Any leaks must be avoided. If the rollers are dirty it can be still prevented by using a carrier. You should get professional help to clean pouch laminator. You shouldn't try this yourself as this could damage your tool.

There are many new laminators which can be used without a carrier. However, even if it is true you still should use a carrier to extend laminator's lifespan.

It is really important to do not use sharp objects inside your machine. Whenever laminating machine does get jammed contact your service center for assistance.

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