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[27/03/2011] How to use pouch laminators

If you want to store documents for a long time to come or wish to protect them from spills, dust, and other elements, then laminating them comes highly recommended. The makes and models of laminators, which you could find on the market today, vary from the most basic and affordable ones, suitable for the occasional user to the ones, which are perfect even for a busy office. Using a laminator is quite straightforward, but if this is your first time operating one, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Start by reading the user manual carefully. Pay attention to the safety instructions, find out how to maintain the laminator properly, and how to use it in order to avoid damage to the documents.
  2. Turn on the laminator and wait until it warms up. While the most basic models would not allow you to regulate the temperature, the more advanced ones do: set a temperature, which works well for the type of items that you are laminating and the pouches that you are using. If you see waves, then lower the temperature and try again.
  3. Make sure that you use the correct pouches. Most laminators are shipped with a few pouches, which would allow you to start using them right away, but when purchasing pouches on your own, make sure that the laminator can work with them. Most pouches range from 150 to 500 microns, where the thickness measures both sides, e.g. a 500-micron pouch has two sides of 250 microns each.
  4. Place the item inside the pouch, position it properly, and insert it into the laminator. It will “grab” the pouch and pull it slowly, laminating your document or photo in the process.
  5. When the document is laminated, let it cool for a few minutes before handling. Examine the document and if you see any waves, air bubbles, or defects, then either adjust the temperature or see if there is an adhesive build-up, which you need to clean.
  6. Before processing another item, make sure that the laminator has warmed up again. Most heavy-duty laminators could easily process dozens of documents one after another, but some of the most basic ones need to warm up after each lamination.

After each use, turn the laminator off unless it comes with an automatic switch; learn how to maintain it properly too since this would help you keep it clean and allow you to use it for a long time. In the case of any damages, do not attempt to repair it yourself, but call a qualified technician.

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