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[27/03/2011] What laminators are suitable for school use?

In most cases, these are affordable models, which are very easy to use and also extremely safe. Depending on the specific needs, they could be very basic ones, which are ideal for the occasional use, or heavy-duty laminators, which could process hundreds of documents in a single day. The pouch laminators are in general smaller and more affordable than the roll laminators are and this makes them excellent school laminators as well. They can handle various size documents and work with pouches of different thickness; if children are expected to operate the laminator, then it should have a number of safety features built-in. Pick a laminator, which has a cold surface even when in operation and choose a model, which shuts off automatically when not in use.

Take into account the cost of maintenance, possible repairs, and supplies; if you expect to be laminating items, made from different materials or with different sizes, consider purchasing more than one laminator since this could give you the needed flexibility. Pick durable and well-built make rather than the cheapest and train stuff and children, so they can use it properly and avoid jamming or damaging the laminator or the documents.

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