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[27/03/2011] Fellowes Venus Vl-125 Pouch Laminator

Known for their high quality office equipment, the Fellowes brand is highly sought after and well-known for building durable and fairly priced laminators as well. The Fellowes Venus Vl-125 pouch laminator is a high-performance one, which is ideal for heavy-duty use, but could be suitable for the occasional user as well. Simple and easy to use, sturdy, and quick, it is just the equipment, which you need in your office or school, and which could help you protect document or photos from the elements.

Fellowes Venus Vl-125 warms up in just four minutes, has five different temperature settings for hot and cold lamination, and active cooling system, which keeps its surface cool even when in operation. Working with four rollers, it assures consistent performance and excellent quality of the laminations; with this model, you are far less likely to see any wrinkles, waves, or air bubbles. The LCD screen will display all the information that you need, which makes using the Fellowes Venus Vl-125 a breeze; the laminator has also been designed in a way, which allows it to be cleaned and maintained easily. The lid could be opened and the laminating mechanism cleaned in a matter of minutes, and any debris, pieces of paper, or jammed documents removed without having to take it apart. Working with pouches up to 10-mil thick, a single document could be processed in under 30 seconds, and continuous operation is not a problem. The Venus Vl-125 is also extremely versatile and could be used in the office, school, or at home – it can laminate ID and luggage tags, sales and marketing materials, phone lists, restaurant menus, calendars, schedules, certificates, flash cards, booklets, and even maps. This product is solidly built, well priced, durable, and well worth purchasing!


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