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[15/02/2012] Fellowes Saturn A4 Laminator Review

Fellowes Saturn A4 Laminator Review

If you are in the market for a laminator that won’t give you any problem and will faithfully serve your use, then you will probably hit the bull’s eye in the Fellowes Saturn A4 laminator. Not only does this machine have a good reputation (considering that the manufacturer is a recognized giant in the industry) but it’s also equipped with features that you’ll expect to find on high-end commercial laminators minus the price. Really, you will find the Fellowes Saturn A4 laminator a great bargain but before rushing off to purchase it, why not consider the following to help you decide if it’s what you need.

Trendy and User-friendly

The Fellowes Saturn A4 laminator has a sleek design that sets it apart from other laminators in its category. Of course, you don’t base your buying decision just on the design but you’ll almost be sold with the Saturn A4’s design. It’s easy to operate without any complexity. For instance, it comes with two temperature settings that permit the usage of 75/80 micron and 100/125 micron pouches. Apart from these, it also comes with an advanced temperature control for consistent quality lamination and heats up in about 6 minutes. 

Still on the user friendliness, a light and a beep will indicate when the laminator is ready to use. This is a welcome development because it means that you can carry on safely with other tasks while waiting for it to heat up without the fear of an electrical accident. it also makes your time more productive.

Laminating Speed and Safety  

The Fellowes Saturn A4 laminator is not only easy to use, it’s also very fast. With this machine, you can process a single A4 document in just under a minute. This means that you don’t have to wait around for so long before getting the results. This machine also has the capacity to laminate both documents and photos of up to 220mm wide without any difficulty. The Fellowes Saturn A4 laminator also utilizes the HeatGuard technology that keeps the laminator cool on the outside even when it is working or in use. This means that you can easily touch it without getting burnt, making it particularly suitable for environments where you have children like in the home or in schools. 

Other Features

This machine is great for the home and small offices and it also comes with anti-jam mechanism. If your documents ever jam the machine (which can be very frustrating), all you need to do is press the anti-jam release and you’re back in business. It also comes with a tray that serves two purposes. First, it acts a guide for feeding the pouches in and helps improve on the laminating results. Secondly, it also acts a protective cover against dust. The Fellowes Saturn A4 Laminator is also quite portable and poses no difficulty when you need to move it around—thanks to its carry handle. The machine comes with stand up feet that allows it to be stored easily. The cord wrap also helps in this regard. 


This machine is best suited for non-commercial purposes. It is a good buy for homes, small offices and schools where there’s really no huge demand for lamination. If you go through large volumes of lamination, then you should probably go for other heavy-duty laminators. Most times, complaints arise because a lot of people end up using it for what it hasn’t been designed for probably due to the fact that it’s cheap and also has great features. You shouldn’t experience any problem with the Fellowes Saturn A4 laminator if you are a light user. You won’t regret buying it.

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