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[15/02/2012] Cathedral A4 Laminator with Jam Release Review


Cathedral A4 Laminator with Jam Release Review

The laminator market today is literally flooded with multiple options for prospective buyers, and it is pretty easy to get lost in this twirling maze of laminators—and far easier to go for the wrong one. However, there are still a few laminators that are worth the money you would need to spend. Users generally complain that the lamination quality they get is unpredictable, and if this is the case, it is safe to say that your laminator is no good at all as the least you require from such a device is uniformity in the quality of lamination. If you are buying the Cathedral A4 Laminator with jam release, then you are in for a surprise because this model excels well on this front and on several others.

Consistent Laminating Quality 

I have used other laminators and only a few of them can boast of good laminating consistency. Most of them exhibit non-uniform quality which detracts from the end product. However, you won’t face this problem with the Cathedral A4 Office Laminator. Consistency of lamination quality is one aspect on which the Cathedral A4 Laminator (with Jam Release) excels. Whatever the time of the year you decide to buy it, you can bank upon the fact that the laminator will be up to the mark. This consistency is probably due to the fact that the Cathedral A4 laminator is designed with the hot roller technology similar to what is found in other high-end laminators 


Not only does the Cathedral A4 laminator (with jam release) exhibit top-notch laminating quality, it is also quite versatile and has been designed and adapted for use with the most common format encountered in modern day offices.  Besides, it also incorporates the features that customers desire in a modern laminator. The Cathedral A4 laminator (with jam release) which has been designed for A4-sized sheets is quite versatile and works with both 160 (2 x 80) and 250 (2 x 125) micron-thick pouches. Since it has been designed for a maximum of A4-sized papers, it means that the Cathedral A4 laminator can also be used to laminate photos, business cards and other documents smaller than A4.

Ease of Use

The Cathedral A4 laminator (with jam release) warms up easily. The time taken by the machine to warm up is pretty small, i.e. merely three minutes. This means that you don’t have to wait forever after switching it on before you can use it. I’ve used other laminators and understand how frustrating this can be especially when you have to laminate a lot of documents or when you are in a hurry. Apart from this easy warm up, among its other features are fixed temperature settings and speed controls. These controls make it very easy to use since all you have to do is to twist the controls to the particular temperature and speed at which you want to laminate the documents.

Handy Jam Release

You will hardly experience jamming if you follow the instructions for using this machine. However, should you run into problems (caused by issues that will soon be discussed), you can always get yourself out of the jam (pun intended) with the thoughtful jam release button. 


Really, you’d hardly find a better laminator with the features and functionality found in the Cathedral A4 laminator (with jam release) at the very inexpensive price at which it sells for on Amazon (about 24 pounds). Some people complain about some drawbacks they’ve experienced but I can tell you that it was because they failed to follow the instructions! The manufacturer clearly says (in the very brief instructions by the way) that the machine will use a maximum of 250 micron (2 x 125 micron) for documents and 160 micron (2 x 80 micron) for photos. So, in order to enjoy this machine, stick to the instructions and buy the recommended pouches to avoid jamming.

If you have to laminate documents requiring thicker pouches, then go for another laminator. Also, it’s recommended that you switch off the machine after 30 minutes of use. This could be a bit inconvenient but it still doesn’t detract from the quality of this machine and unless you are laminating a very large number of items, you won’t even experience this at all.  

There are few efficient laminators available at this competitive pricing in the market. The Cathedral A4 Laminator (with Jam Release) is definitely one of them.

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