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[09/05/2010] What thickness laminating pouch do I need?

The thickness of the laminating pouches is measured in mils - a mil is one thousand of an inch and does not refer to millimeters. The standard thickness of the pouches is 3, 5, 7, and 10 mils. As expected, the 3 mil pouches are used when you need the laminated item to retain its flexibility, while still remain protected from dirt, smudges, water, light and other factors that might damage it. The thicker the laminating pouch, the more rigid the final item – the 10" pouches are usually used for items that are meant for outdoor use.

The small pouches come in 5, 7, and 10 mils, while the larger pouches can be 3 mils thick as well; the gauge (thickness) of the pouch refers to the thickness only of one of its side and in order to calculate the total thickness, this measurement should be multiplied by two. The ratio of the pouch thickness is composed of two elements – the thickness of the base plastic and the thickness of the added adhesive; a 7 mil pouch, which has higher percentage base plastic will be more rigid than a 7 mil pouch with lower percentage of base plastic.

The most commonly used pouches are the 3 mil ones and even though pouches of 1.5 mils also exist, they cannot be used with all laminators.

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