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[09/05/2010] Which pouch laminator is the best?

When comes to choosing the best pouch laminator, you have to simply select one that suits your needs – if you laminate only occasionally and for your own needs, then the hobby (personal) use laminator should be sufficient. These types of laminators use only two rollers and the print has to be carefully and slowly fed to the laminator. The personal use laminators are the cheapest, but they can only handle limited amount of prints and the quality isn’t always the best.

The pouch commercial laminators have two sets of rollers – two pull rollers and two rollers that feed the prints; they also use pouches of different thickness (up to 10 mil) and can laminate prints of different sizes, usually 4, 9, 12, and 13 inches. They are suitable for office use, schools, libraries and other institutions that need quality laminators, which can handle various documents and are meant to last.

The industrial pouch laminators can handle prints that are quite large in size and are usually mounting laminators; they are also normally bigger and require dedicated space in the office or the room that they are being used.

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