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Cathedral A4 Double Laminator

Cathedral A4 Double Laminator Product rating

Our Review

This is very good money for value. This laminator looks very professional and can laminate twice as fast. It laminates two documents at once. This product has jam release feature and fast warm up time. It accommodates both 160 and 250 micron puches.

It was a winner of the office products show in 2010.

Laminating Pouches 150 Micron, 100 Pack, A4

Laminating Pouches 150 Micron, 100 Pack, A4 Product rating

Our Review

For all your home and office requirements of lamination pouches, you need look any further than the Cathedral lamination pouch packet that contains 100 high quality sheets with which you can laminate your vital documents with no effort at all. It is almost obvious that when you have an expensive laminator at home, you need some high quality lamination sheets to go with it, and with the Cathedral lamination pouches, you have the ideal ally to your lamination machine. You know that have a good lamination pouch at your disposal when it goes very gently into your laminator, and if that is the parameter you use to judge a lamination pouch, the Cathedral 150 micron A4 Laminating Pouches would emerge as winners. A lamination pouch is a pretty simple product, but there a few aspects upon which it should establish itself to be effective. The thickness should be spot on and the material should be such that it provides adequate protection to the document without making the handling too hard. And Cathedral A4 pouches have been marketed after testing on these parameters. These pouches are compatible with all major laminators, so you do not need to worry if your lamination device is of some other manufacturer’s make. Apart from providing protection to the laminated document, these pouches also add to the appearance as they are themselves made of high quality stuff that presents a glossy outlook. You would need these pouches, so it is advisable that you for them in bulk, and this pack of 100 pouches are definitely worth your money.

Cathedral A4 Laminator with Jam Release

Cathedral A4 Laminator with Jam Release Product rating

Our Review

The laminator market today is literally flooded with multiple options for prospective buyers, and it is pretty easy to get lost in the crowd. There are a few laminators that are worth the money you would need to spend. Users generally complain that the lamination quality they get is unpredictable, and if this is the case, it is safe to say that your laminator is no good at all, as the least you require from such a device is a uniformity in the quality of lamination. However, you would not face this problem with the Cathedral A4 Office Laminator. Consistency of lamination quality is one aspect on which the Cathedral A4 Laminator (with Jam Release) excels. Whatever time of the year, you can bank upon the fact that the laminator will be up to the mark. Besides, it incorporates the features that customers desire in a modern laminator. As the name suggests, the Cathedral A4 Laminator (with Jam Release) is designed for A4 sized sheets, the most common format encountered in modern day offices. The time taken by the machine to warm up is pretty small, i.e. merely three minutes. Among its other features are fixed temperature settings and speed controls. The Cathedral A4 Laminator (with Jam Release) works with both 160 and 250 micron thick pouches. There are few efficient laminators available at this competitive pricing in the market. The Cathedral A4 Laminator (with Jam Release) is definitely one of them.

Cathedral A3 Laminator with Jam Release

Cathedral A3 Laminator with Jam Release Product rating


Our Review

The Cathedral A3 Laminator is a fixed temperature laminator, which is suitable for office use. It works with A3 documents, does not require carrier sheet, and takes pouches that are up to 250 micron thick. The Cathedral A3 Laminator warms up in just three minutes time and makes use of an advanced roller technology, which results in perfect lamination; the jam release button permits hassle-free operation.

The Cathedral A3 Laminator is very easy to use and is a great value for money!

Cathedral A4 Laminator plus 100 A4 150 Micron Laminating Pouches

Cathedral A4 Laminator plus 100 A4 150 Micron Laminating Pouches Product rating

• Heat Lamintor with Jam Release Button
• 250 Micron Maximum Capacity
• Includes starter pack of pouches plus 100 A4 150 Micron Pouches
• Cathedral A4 Laminator

Our Review

Does your office desk remain cluttered with loads of unorganized papers? Do you often wonder as to how much you spend per month getting your documents laminated from the market? Do you generally misplace important documents? Does your department need to circulate notices very often? Well, if the answer to all the above mentioned queries is YES, then it is pretty obvious that you need to buy yourself a good laminator that solves all your office lamination problems. The Cathedral A4 Office Laminator is one such device. It is a durable and high fidelity device to take care of all your lamination needs. Its unique and smart features ensure that it is one notch above is counterparts in the market. It incorporates all the features you would require from a laminator in this price range. The device offers you reliable quality every time. The makers have paid special attention to facilitating a hassle free experience for users. The device is equipped with a special jam release button. Just a press and your machine is free from the jam. It manages documents up to A4 size and a total thickness of 250 microns. Another very attractive aspect about the Cathedral A4 Office Laminator is that the company gives you a pack of 100 A4 150 micron pouches to get on with the job straightaway. Moreover,  it comes with a two year manufacturer warranty. Considering all the lucrative offers the company bundles it he package, the Cathedral A4 Office Laminator is a worthy buy.

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