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LAMINATOR DIN A4 L43 Product rating

Our Review

Are you sick and tired of your old irritating and inefficient laminator? Does the pile of important papers keep on getting broader and broader? Do you experience frequent jams with your current laminator? In case the answer to these questions is an unfortunate YES, you have to acknowledge that the time to change your laminator has come. But the good news is that there a many options available to you depending upon your budget and need. The major manufacturers' products are a bit on the expensive side. You would do well to consider an option like LAMINATOR DIN A4 L43 from Hama GmbH & Co. KG. This laminator is a two wheel hot lamination device. The device is gaining popularity in the market due to its easy to operate design and the power packed performance it delivers each and every time you switch it on. It incorporates the necessary features of modern laminators and delivers on its performance of efficient lamination with consistent lamination quality. The design of the DIN A4 L43 laminator is pretty pleasing and the company offers two colors, silver and black. Besides the cool design, the thermal circuitry of this laminator is pretty well built and designed according to the latest technological advancements. As the name suggests, the DIN A4 L43 laminator is specially made for documents u to A4 size. It is a very useful device in an office and a great value for your money.


LAMINATOR DIN A4 L44B Product rating

Our Review

It would be hard to find an office today without a laminator machine. Obviously, offices have to deal with high priority documents everyday. And it is frequently observed that the documents tend to get defiled when circulated through the different departments in the office. Since the circulation of notices will stay as long as your office, it is imperative that you get an in house laminator machine in case you already do not possess one. There are many dedicated office laminators boasting of different features in the market today. All you need to do is consider the features and specifications you want and zero in on a suitable device. A worthwhile option for your investment is the DIN A4 L44B laminator. It is a contemporary laminator that can alleviate all the issues you faced with your previous laminator. The makers have paid special attention to ensuring an easy management of this device for its customers. The user has the controls for selecting temperature for films with 80 and 125µ thickness. The performance of the DIN A4 L44B Laminator is right up there with the best that Hama GmbH & Co. KG has to offer. The start up tie is just 4 minutes and the speed of operation is 300 mm per minute. A special feature for this laminator is the availability of an easy release button. You just have to press this button in case there is a jam or any other issue of mis-feeding.


LAMINATOR DIN A4 L42 Product rating

Our Review

One good thing to come out of the intense competition in the laminator market is the fact that more and more companies are going the extra yard in the development of high efficiency laminator machines which incorporate the desirable features needed in contemporary office laminators and also keeping a tab on the price tag, which is also a major consideration for modern buyers. Gone are the days when one or two major giants used to rule the roost as far as laminator market went. Today, the buyers have a whole list of laminators to make a choice from. More and more companies are establishing their foothold and one prominent name in the list is Hama GmbH & Co. KG. Its growing reputation can be accredited to devices like its DIN A4 L42 laminator, which is a two wheel hot laminator under the desktop laminator category. It is a very powerful tool to have in your office due to the fact that it can handle lamination of A4 sized sheets very easily and efficiently. A4 size is the most common for office paper work. DIN A4 L42 laminator takes around 10 minutes to get heated up. Its design is very impressive and the outlook is such that it looks fitting on your office desk. Design is not the only high point for this laminator. Its performance and lamination quality are great and you would love working with it.


LAMINATOR DIN A3 KHL36 Product rating

Our Review

Hama GmbH & Co has established a strong foothold in the small office aimed laminator market, courtesy introduction of very reasonably priced units that are sufficient to handle the occasional office jobs of lamination and household jobs like lamination of photos, etc. When you come to think of it, the most obvious feature of such a device should be ease of working and affordability. The DIN A3 KHL36 laminator is a deadly combination of both these elements. In fact, the most attractive feature of this laminator seems to be its pricing, which is almost half of the other laminators with almost similar technical make up on offer by the company. And the peculiarity lies in the fact that there does not seem to be any conspicuous cutting down on the features of the laminator. The performance in terms of the quality and consistency of lamination is at par with all other laminators of this category. Most of us would agree that judging a laminator on the basis of the time it takes to laminate a sheet is a fairly good indicator of its internal thermal make up. A laminator with modern equipment and well researched circuitry is bound to take little time in laminating a sheet. And the DIN A3 KHL36 rises to the test each and every time. You can but this product and relax for a long time after that as regards your lamination worries.


LAMINATOR DIN A4 L46 Product rating

Our Review

Hama GmbH & Co excels at manufacturing devices with the end user in mind, and the DIN A4 L46 Laminator is another laminator that has been designed keeping into mind the ease of usage for all sorts of users, without compromising on the utility of the device and also maintaining a competitive price tag for the same. At a very reasonable rate, the company offers all the desirable features of a modern laminator in the DIN A4 L46 laminator. There is absolutely no worry about the lamination quality. You can use this device to laminate all your A4 sized office documents. Not only this, you can also use it to laminate pictures and menus. A laminated picture is much more beautiful than one without lamination. You would definitely enjoy reliving the old memories with a gloss on their face in the form of a good lamination. Now we come on to a very important query that a prospective buyer is bound to ask. What is the speed of this laminator? How long does it take to laminate a page? A laminator is bound to fail if it takes too long to do the lamination because today's buyers are very demanding and rightly so. Considering the price tag, the performance of the DIN A4 L46 is satisfactory. It takes around 8 minutes to gyrate its thermal circuitry into action and laminates 300 mm in one minute. All in all, it is a suitable laminator for modern offices.


LAMINATOR DIN A3 L32 Product rating

Our Review

The laminator market today is literally flooded with multiple options for prospective buyers, and it is pretty easy to get lost in the crowd. There are a few laminators that are worth the money you would need to spend. The others turn out to be mere plastic toys that showcase no fidelity at all and you are left helpless most of the times when the document pile keeps on strengthening itself and the machine you bought fails to help you in the hour of need. However, there is no such issue with the DIN A3 L32 laminator, which is a superb device for your office needs. It has many features that make it a very attractive option if you are looking for a new laminator. The DIN A3 L32 laminator is a hot lamination device with four wheels. The warm up time for this laminator is around 8 to 10 minutes, after which it gives you remarkable lamination quality. The DIN A3 L32 laminator is one of the more popular devices from Hama GmbH. The speed at which it works is also sufficient for mediocre office requirements. The DIN A3 L32 laminator can laminate a total of 300mm thickness in one minute. The basic machinery used in the DIN A3 L32 laminator is pretty strong and sturdy, ensuring that you have a hassle free time with this machine once you do choose to buy it.

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