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Royal Sovereign PL-910 A4 Office Pouch Laminator

Royal Sovereign PL-910 A4 Office Pouch Laminator Product rating

Our Review

Try answering these questions in order to convince yourself that you need to buy a laminator for your office. Does your office desk remain cluttered with loads of unorganized papers? Do you often wonder as to how much you spend per month getting your documents laminated from the market? Do you generally misplace important documents? Does your department need to circulate notices very often? Well, if the answer to all the above mentioned queries is YES, then it is pretty obvious that you need to buy yourself a good laminator that solves all your office lamination problems. The Royal Sovereign PL-91 A4 Office Pouch Laminator is a dedicated and high fidelity lamination device that caters to the needs of offices. Its four roller lamination technology deftly handles medium and large lamination projects, maintaining a superlative quality of lamination every time. Its design is crafted so precisely that despite the highly efficient machinery inside, the material surface does not get intensely heated up. The looks of the machine are pretty impressive and complement your office décor. The company includes simple and high utility controls with the machine, which makes operating it a pleasure. It is a superb tool to have in your office if you frequently deal with important A4 sized documents. The company provides a hassle free two years warranty with the purchase of the machine.

A6 Laminator

A6 Laminator Product rating

• Compact and functional design - perfect for home or office use.
• Suitable for A6 pouches (10 x 15cm print size).
• Quick and simple to use.
• Waterproof protection allows you to wipe documents clean.
• Protect and preserve photos, prints, certificates, business cards and documents.

Our Review

The whole variety of laminators available for purchase is like a double edged sword. Though the availability of extensive choices is always welcome, but you need a clear head while purchasing a laminator so that you don't end up buying an unworthy device that does not solve your purpose but leaves a hole in your pocket. You need to quantize the volume of lamination work you need to undertake and then decide whether to buy a sophisticated machine or a less expensive basic one. Also, the paper size and the speed of lamination need to be considered. There is no point churning out money for a high end sophisticated laminator when your only purpose might just be to laminate photographs and identity cards for students in an educational institute. For the above mentioned usage, and lamination of visiting cards, notices and memos, this A6 laminator works pretty well. Technically speaking, the rated size for the A6 laminator is 10 x 15cm print size. This machine is truly compact and light weight. So you can very easily carry it from your office to home and vice versa. The heat vents on the surface allow for the escape of the heat built up during operation and keep the machine at a controlled temperature so that there is consistency in lamination. For A6 size, this laminator is like a custom made solution.

A4 Personal Laminator

A4 Personal Laminator Product rating

Our Review

If you give it a thought, it would be startling to realize how much money you spend every month getting essential paperwork laminated. Some more thinking would make you contemplate buying a laminator for personal use. Mostly A4 sized documents are used in offices. There is a large number of options you may consider for your purchase of the A4 laminator. This machine is one of the better alternatives. This A4 Personal Laminator aims at offering you inexpensive lamination service and also ensuring more than sufficient quality of lamination. The two major requirements people have from their laminators are quality of lamination and speed of operation. This personal A4 laminator excels at both these parameters. The internal machinery is sound and hardy. It ensures a consistently good lamination service from the laminator over a large period of time. The warm up time for this A4 laminator is between three to six minutes, which is pretty tolerable considering the fact that sophisticated laminators coming at almost double the price also take up close to 4 minutes to jump into action. The design is well thought out so that it does not take up too much space on the office desk. This A4 laminator integrates contemporary design with the basic features of a good laminator to give you a worthwhile laminating machine.

A4 Laminating Pouches 100 Pack

A4 Laminating Pouches 100 Pack Product rating

Our Review

Have you ever wondered as to what is missing in the performance of your office laminator? As time goes by, there seems to be a deterioration in the quality of lamination. Obviously you won’t buy another laminator to start afresh. However, what you can do to attain the superior lamination quality you always desired by buying a pack of branded and high quality lamination pouches like this pack of 100 pouches of top quality A4 size. People often buy cheap packs of lamination sheets in order to save a few pennies, but is it actually worth it when you are actually compensating on the quality of lamination? This pack of A4 pouches contains 100 high quality pouches, each one of which has gone through a quality check procedure to ensure unmatched performance with your laminator. At just a little more cost than inferior pouches, these sheets ensure that the documents you laminate are strongly bound and also give them a glossy finish. Ordinary pouches often result in damages to the machine due to coming off of the pouch material due to the heat of the laminator. But these pouches, being made of the best quality material, suffer from no such flaws. It is time to say goodbye to your old pouches. Buy this pack of 100 pouches and you would see the difference yourself.

Other Review

This review is especially meant for the lamination machine owners who have been using cheap and low grade lamination pouches till now. In this review, I aim to put forth a few of the reasons that you might wish giving a though to regarding the utility and performance of your laminator. The unbranded packets of hundreds of pouches available in the market are no good as far as the class and quality of lamination goes. Your machine can actually provide the best results if you opt for products such as this pack of 100 A4 lamination pouches. Each lamination pouch in this pack is made of very good quality material which pervades through the machine effortlessly and absorbs the heat optimally to translate into the best possible binding for your document. There are no feeding problems as the thickness of the sheets is spot on. You will also observe very infrequent jamming troubles when you switch to this product. The sheen on the documents resulting from this type of pouch is very pleasing to look at. So, the documents is both beautified and solidified. This pack of 100 A4 sheets is bound to please you, so much so that you would not consider any other lamination pouch providers for your lamination sheets needs. This product offers you amazing returns on your investment in the form of ultimate quality and reliability.

Home & Office Laminator

Home & Office Laminator Product rating

Our Review

The era of multi tasking warrants the use of multi functional devices. And it is heartening to note that office equipment manufacturing companies are also endorsing the view, as reflected in this Home & Office Laminator. The days of the old and bulky lamination machines are gone, and for good. And gone with them are the days of frequent paper jams inside the laminator, and all those inconsistencies in the output quality. And this revolution has been brought by products like this Home & Office Laminator. It is a well renowned device that aims at quickening and easing the lamination process at your small offices and homes. This machine scores on the fact that it is easy to carry and thus, you can take it back home with you after taking its services for the whole ay in the office. At home, you could use it for laminating your old photographs which would otherwise fail to survive many more years. The dimensions of the device are – 10.3 cm in height and 20.6 cm in depth. The maximum thickness you can use for the lamination pouch is 80 to 100 micron. Most often used size of paper in offices is A4, so you would be bale to employ this A4 Home & Office Laminator most of the times for lamination. All in all, it is a nice hassle free device to have in your office and house.

A3 Laminator

A3 Laminator Product rating

Our Review

Posters and large documents sheets require a potent A3 sized laminator in your office. This A3 Laminator is a trustworthy and high quality device for the purpose of laminating the official documents. The wide feeding throat of this A3 Laminator allows you to use it for laminating other document sizes as well. For instance, you can laminate A4 sheets, office memos, A5 and A6 documents alongside the A3 sheets. The alacrity with which the machine processes an A3 sheet is bound to take you by surprise. The warm up time for this laminator is very little and you won’t have to wait for much time after switching in the machine in the morning. The design is such that the machine does not get heated up too often and hence, the lamination quality is intact always. This laminator comes in a white color which is pretty impressive to look at. Moreover, it does not eat into too much of desk space. This is a truly no issues kind of device that people generally long for. There are virtually no paper jams due to the carefully integrated internal circuit of the machine. You don’t have to shell out loads of cash for an effective device when laminators like this A3 Laminator are available in the market at very pocket friendly prices.

Value Laminator

Value Laminator Product rating

Our Review

Today, the offices are so much used to such extensive circulation of notices and documents that laminating these papers is a necessity rather than an option. In such a scenario, all organizations, ranging from small to medium and large, employ compact and easy to use laminators that do not cost much but deliver worthwhile performance that alleviates a lot of trouble involved with handling important documents. A laminated document is bound to last longer and survive the rough handling through the official hierarchy. More and more companies are introducing cheap lamination machines in the market and the extensive competition has resulted into a vast range of choices for customers. There is no dearth of inexpensive lamination solutions and the Value Laminator is another such device. Small and medium sized offices deal with A4 sized documents most of the times and the Value Laminator is sufficiently loaded to handle such papers. You can always use this machine for laminating your visiting cards and photographs. Offering a more than satisfactory service at an amazingly reasonable price, the Value Laminator is an ultimate machine for a small office environment. It is very light in weight and can be easily carried from one room to the other. If you are looking for a good lamination machine which does not require loads of money to be spent and performs efficiently, you must consider the Value Laminator before making a final decision.

A4 laminator, silent, automatic 25cm/min

A4 laminator, silent, automatic 25cm/min Product rating

Our Review

Your office desk is a place always cluttered with loads of unorganized papers. You might often be wondering as to how much you spend per month getting your documents laminated from the market. Do you generally misplace important documents? Does your department need to circulate notices very often? Well, if the answer to all the above mentioned queries is YES, then it is pretty obvious that you need to buy yourself a good laminator that solves all your office lamination problems. You do not need to spend a large sum of money to buy yourself a good laminator. Companies like Blackspur offer you low cost lamination solution in devices like the Blackspur A4 laminator. It is a compact laminator dedicating to provide efficient small scale lamination service. Its ease of use and portability are the most attractive features. The design is very pleasing to the eye and the laminator takes up very little space so you can keep it on your office desk without any compromise. The thermal circuitry is efficient enough to take care of your everyday lamination needs. You can laminate A4 sized papers with this device. Apart from them, you can use it for laminating your business cards and memos. There are not many laminators offering satisfactory lamination quality at such a pocket friendly price. And if budget is a constraint for you, then there aren’t many other options apart from Blackspur A4 laminator.


LAMINATOR Product rating

Our Review

Buying a laminator today is almost puzzling to the mind. More and more companies are introducing cheap lamination machines in the market and the extensive competition has resulted into a vast range of choices for customers. There is no dearth of inexpensive lamination solutions and the Harvard Laminator is another such device. Aiming at providing easy lamination solution at a pocket friendly price, this laminator is a basic model from the company. If you are certain that your lamination needs are moderate, there is not much sense in buying a bulky and high end laminator. You should opt for an inexpensive option like the Harvard laminator instead. This laminator works with A4 sized documents, but you can use it for a variety of purposes like laminating photographs, business cards and other smaller documents. Its thermostatically controlled lamination mechanism does wonders to the lamination quality and you would be amazed at the high quality and perfect lamination it does without being to bulky in terms of internal machinery. The pouch thickness range for the Harvard Laminator is 150-300 micron. Obviously, there is not much scope for fanciful features in such a basic design, but the best part about this laminator is its ease of handling and reasonable price. Really, the Harvard laminator is custom made for small sized offices and is an option you must consider thoroughly if you belong to this category of users.

IQ Office A4 Laminator, plus 10 Laminating Pouches

Our Review

With the advent of times, more and more managers prefer to buy a laminator machine for themselves rather than get there documents laminated from the market in bulk. And a direct consequence is that the laminator market today is literally flooded with multiple options for prospective buyers, and it is pretty easy to get lost in the crowd. There are a few laminators that are worth the money you would need to spend. The others turn out to be mere plastic toys that showcase no fidelity at all and you are left helpless most of the times when the document pile keeps on strengthening itself and the machine you bought fails to help you in the hour of need. The IQ Office A4 Laminator is a high fidelity and ultra potent device to handle your A4 sized documents’ lamination. It handles occasional tasks and regular tasks with equal ease and gives you a remarkable quality of lamination each and every time. Its thermal circuitry has been designed with the use of latest techniques available in the laminator industry. Another nice feature of this machine is that the speed of operation is pretty quick. Thus, you can dispense with your pile of documents pretty easily and swiftly. The company includes a pack of 10 high quality lamination pouches with the machine, so that you can get started straightaway.

Draper A4 Laminator

Draper A4 Laminator Product rating

Our Review

The Draper 75028 Cross Cut Paper Shredder is an inexpensive product that is ideal for the home office or shredding documents that do not contain extremely sensitive information; this is a Level 1 security machine, which is capable of processing up to five sheets of paper in one go. The basket has an opening that allows you to see how full it is at any time; the shredder is easy to operate, but you have to remember to feed it only a few sheets at it also might get heated if you use it continuously for more than ten minutes. On the other hand, it cuts your documents on small enough squares, has three different functions of operation, and is overall great product for its price.

A3 Laminating Pouches 25 Pack

A3 Laminating Pouches 25 Pack Product rating

Our Review

This pack of A3 sized lamination pouches contains 25 sheets of best quality and professional standard lamination pouches which you can use to laminate your A3 sized documents. It is almost obvious that when you have an expensive laminator at home, you need some high quality lamination sheets to go with it, and with these lamination pouches, you have the ideal ally to your lamination machine. Office managers often use laminators for different purposes like laminating identity cards, office memos, business cards, etc. These pouches are useful for all these purposes. They go very gently into the machine and smoothly go through the lamination process. The material is so good in quality that you would love the feel of the document once it is laminated. The thickness of these pouches is 160 microns. They bring about a glossy finish to the paper you laminate using them. You virtually make your documents immune from accidental damage like scratching, smearing, tearing and crumpling by laminating them. Also, in case you spill water over a laminated document, you just need to give it a swipe with a towel and it will be fine. Obviously, this security is missing when you don’t laminate them. If you haven’t given these pouches a try as yet, it is high time you did that. Another way to look at it would b to consider this pack of 25 as a trial pack. If you are satisfied, you could always opt for bulkier packs.

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