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5R Laminator

5R Laminator Product rating

Our Review

The 5R laminator works with A5 size items that are up to 140mm wide; this product laminates with a speed of 0.41 m/min and is capable of processing paper that is up to 0.6mm thick and card that is up to 1mm. The 5R laminator works with hot pouches and is thermostatically controlled.

Takes a long time to heat up, but once ready, it works fine. I have laminated a few cards already and all of them came out good, with no wrinkles or air bubbles.

This laminator works, but you have to be really patient since it takes twenty minutes to warm up and even after it does, you still have to laminate your items one by one and wait for it to warm up between the laminations again. However, at that price it’s still a bargain!

A4 Laminator

A4 Laminator Product rating

Our Review

It would be hard to find an office today without a laminator machine. Obviously, offices have to deal with high priority documents everyday. And it is frequently observed that the documents tend to get defiled when circulated through the different departments in the office. Since the circulation of notices will stay as long as your office, it is imperative that you get an in house laminator machine in case you already do not possess one. There are many dedicated office laminators boasting of different features in the market today. All you need to do is consider the features and specifications you want and zero in on a suitable device. And it is not necessary that you go for a high end laminator for these requirements. Companies like Electrovision have on offer a variety of laminators that give you the desirable features in simple designs at a very reasonable cost. Electrovision A4 Laminator is one such device. And the best part is that there is no cost cutting as far as the internal technology of the machine goes. Most of us would agree that judging a laminator on the basis of the time it takes to laminate a sheet is a fairly good indicator of its internal thermal make up. A laminator with modern equipment and well researched circuitry is bound to take little time in laminating a sheet. The Electrovision A4 Laminator impresses in this regard with a speed of more than 400 mm per minute. You can use this device for laminating pictures and menus also.

A3 Laminator

A3 Laminator Product rating

Our Review

You might have often wondered as to how much money you spend in a year for getting your important documents laminated every weekend, or at the end of every month. If you are working in a busy office, which I suppose you are (you might not be browsing through these pages if that was not the case!), it would not be far fetched to assume that it would be a pretty considerable amount of bucks. The next question is – How can you cut down on those expenses? Well, the answer is simple. You need to buy a professional laminator machine for your office. It is just an investment that is guaranteed to be profitable in the long run, as lamination of documents is one thing that is always persistent in offices, and it will continue to be so. Electrovision A3 Laminator is a remarkable device which works wonders for your office lamination. Its neat and compact design is bound to attract buyers. Besides the impressive outlook, there is a lot more to this laminator. At an unbelievably manageable price, it offers you a satisfactory lamination quality for documents up to A3 size. You do not need to churn out big bucks for complex laminators for your moderate office requirements. The Electrovision A3 Laminator is a cost effective solution to your lamination requirements.

5R Laminator Pouches 10 Pack

5R Laminator Pouches 10 Pack Product rating

Our Review

People generally complain that they do not get the desired quality of lamination from their office laminators. This leads them into believing that the money hey spent in buying the lamination device went waste. However, the simple fact they fail to acknowledge is that the lamination quality they get is a direct function of the quality of the pouches they use for lamination. It is true that in most of the above mentioned cases, the buyers are using some unbranded lamination roll of cheap quality. However, what they should do is to opt for Electrovision lamination pouches, specially made for such laminators. The product we are talking about here is a pack of high grade lamination material pouches from the company. The size of a pouch and the thickness is quite ideally suited for your office needs and household lamination jobs like those involving lamination of documents, menus, photographs, etc. The packet contains sheets of superior quality material that would give a glossy finish to your documents apart from providing them security. The lamination pouches are immune to water spills, a common phenomenon in clustered offices. So, you must consider buying these ultra special quality lamination sheets for your daily lamination needs. The pouches are priced reasonably and it is imperative that you opt for them rather than inferior quality pouches. Not only would this enhance the lamination quality drastically, but also ensure the proper functioning of the lamination machine.

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