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Easy Trimmer and Laminator - Model 1025

Easy Trimmer and Laminator - Model 1025 Product rating

Our Review

Innovation is the sole parameter upon which the laurels of all the companies manufacturing laminators rest. This product is from one of the major players in the market, and the company has established a strong foothold in the small office aimed laminator market, courtesy introduction of very reasonably priced units that are sufficient to handle the occasional office jobs of lamination and household jobs like lamination of photos, etc. Creating attractive packages for the end user has been a favorable factor for this company, and another such offer is that of Easy Trimmer and Laminator, a machine that integrates two high utility office devices in a trimmer and a laminator. With the 9” knife, you can trim and cut your documents according to your needs and then use the same machine to laminate the document. The machine has a high efficiency cold laminator built inside it. It also has a storage housing that holds the paper pile of 24lbs paper. This combo device is a unique and highly effective means to quickly dispense with laminating multiple sizes of documents. Products such as the Easy Trimmer and Laminator are few in the market, and this one goes a step further in ensuring a one shop stop for the customers. Apart from including a trimmer and laminator, the complete package also includes five 4" x 6" laminating pouches, so that you can get on with the job right away.

Rexel 2100669 LH240 A4 personal laminator

Rexel 2100669 LH240 A4 personal laminator Product rating

Our Review

The laminator market today is literally flooded with multiple options for prospective buyers, and it is pretty easy to get lost in the crowd. There are a few laminators that are worth the money you would need to spend. The others turn out to be mere plastic toys that showcase no fidelity at all and you are left helpless most of the times when the document pile keeps on strengthening itself and the machine you bought fails to help you in the hour of need. Rexel is a manufacturer of highly efficient and modern laminators that handle heavy office tasks with remarkable ease. This laminator, the LH240 A4 laminator is a scientifically designed and super efficient machine. The host of features it offers makes it an attractive buying option for people looking for a good office laminator. This laminator scores heavily in a very high priority test, that of the speed at which it works. When you spend your money on a laminator, you are bound to expect a good operational speed from it. The greater number of pages it can laminate in a minute, the better it is. After all, who would want a laminator that takes hours to laminate an important file of documents! Be it design, be it cost effectiveness, be it quality of lamination, be it speed of operation; the LH240 A4 laminator from Rexel is a superb device to have in your offices.

XYRON Creative Station Laminator (Other Search Terms: Printer accessories - Printer and fax machine)

XYRON Creative Station Laminator (Other Search Terms: Printer accessories - Printer and fax machine) Product rating

Our Review

Xyron creative station laminator is a contemporary and loaded laminator that aims at catering to the needs of modern offices and the lamination needs of educational institutions and all kind of household lamination jobs. The working of this device is so smooth and efficient that no longer would you have to think twice before laminating a document. Not only does lamination add to the longevity of important official documents, it also enhances the aesthetics by adding a glossy look. The design of the Xyron creative station laminator is very charming indeed and adds to the overall appearance of your office desk. It is a very smart and contemporary device with the host of essential features found in the modern day laminators. The best part is that it offers the same at a very reasonable price. Consistency and super swift speed make the Xyron creative station laminator the ultimate tool to have in a busy small office or an educational department. The fact that it is light weight and compact also adds on to the utility of the product by facilitating portability. The mechanism of lamination in place ensures that you get an ultimate experience with symmetrical lamination all around the sheet. All the above mentioned features make the Xyron creative station laminator a worthwhile device to invest your money in.


A3 HOT LAMINATOR Product rating


Our Review

If you find yourself in consistent need of lamination, as is the case with modern day offices always flooded with high priority documents and notices that are bound to be defiled if not laminated, then you need to consider buying a good laminator right now. When you have an easy to use laminator right at your office desk, you would not have to worry about the safest of your documents in the long run. Not only does lamination ensure that your papers remain strong and sturdy, it also makes the handling of the document easier, a characteristic much desired today, when a notice has to be circulated through the various departments. This A3 laminator is a multi utility device that renders the indispensible service of dedicated lamination to your office. You can laminate posters and documents at your will when you have this device at your disposal in your office. Its contemporary design is bound to impress you as it does not take up unnecessary space on your desk and its stylish exteriors add beauty and grace to your office. Its hot lamination technique ensures a fine quality of lamination each and every time. This device is potent enough to handle routine lamination jobs to high intensity lamination of bulky paper piles. The company offers a free starter kit with the purchase, thus making the overall package even more attractive. The smooth and jam free operation, along with the noise free working, make this device a must have for your office.

Laminator A4 PAPER PICTURE Retail Boxed --6056

Laminator A4 PAPER PICTURE Retail Boxed --6056 Product rating

• Unit Dimension:326x165x78mm
• Laminating Width: 236mm/Thickness: 80-125 micron (0.8mm)/Laminating Speed: 330mm/min
• Add Definition to Photographs/Protect & Enhance all important Documents
• Prevents De-Colourising

Our Review

The laminator market is flourishing like never before. Today, the offices are so much used to such extensive circulation of notices and documents that laminating these papers is a necessity rather than an option. In such a scenario, all organizations, ranging from small to medium and large, employ compact and easy to use laminators that do not cost much but deliver worthwhile performance that alleviates a lot of trouble involved with handling important documents. A laminated document is bound to last longer and survive the rough handling through the official hierarchy. This A4 paper/picture laminator is a durable and high fidelity device to take care of all your lamination needs. Its unique and smart features ensure that it is one notch above is counterparts in the market. It incorporates all the features you would require from a laminator in this price range. Speed is a very important characteristic for a laminator, referring to the number of sheets it can laminate in a minute. Obviously, the modern offices only warrant a laminator if it can deliver a high speed performance without compromising on the quality of lamination. This laminator passes all speed and accuracy tests by delivering a highly consistent lamination quality at a laminating speed of 330mm/min. Its compact design has been a hit with the users all over. And it does not compromise even one bit on the performance terms, besides scoring heavily on the aesthetics.




Our Review

The intensely competed market of office equipment and stationary has made it indispensible for companies to come up with innovative methods of attracting customers. A fast catching up trend is one of offering combinations of a lamination machine and a pack of lamination pouches alongside, so that users can begin with the lamination work straight away. Swordfish also endorses this marketing strategy and thus, has on offer this dedicated office lamination solution in the form of an A3 laminator and a pack of 100 A3 sized 150 micron laminating pouches. A highly sophisticated and high work load dedicated laminator; the 330 LR Swordfish laminator is the one stop solution to all your lamination problems. This product is specifically designed for offices encountering lamination of large sized documents on a more or less daily basis. Also, in order to facilitate smooth sailing with your lamination job, the device incorporates anti jam technology in the form of the jam release button. The lamination machine is a wonderful tool to possess, as it ensures reliable lamination of your documents. As for the pack of 100 pouches, all these pouches are made of the best quality material that gives unmatched protection to your documents and also brings about a beautiful glow on the documents. These pouches are compatible with all major laminators, so you do not need to worry if your lamination device is of some other manufacturer’s make. This combination is a superb product for probable customers.

Swordfish 230LR A4 Laminator plus 100 A4 150 Micron Laminating Pouches

Swordfish 230LR A4 Laminator plus 100 A4 150 Micron Laminating Pouches Product rating

• Head Laminator that will accept up to 250micron Pouches
• 100 A4 Glossy Pouches 150 Microns
• Swordfish A4 230LR Laminator

Our Review

Offices have to deal with high priority documents everyday. And it is frequently observed that the documents tend to get defiled when circulated through the different departments in the office. Since the circulation of notices will stay as long as your office, it is imperative that you get an in house laminator machine in case you already do not possess one. It would be hard to find an office today without a laminator machine. There are many dedicated office laminators with a host of different features in the market today. All you need to do is consider the features and specifications you want and zero in on a suitable device. Among the more popular models of laminators from Swordfish is the 230LR Laminator, a superb device to have for everyday lamination needs as well as the more frequent office usage. Its design is aesthetically pleasing and the great part about this machine is that the machinery behind the neat looks is full of brawn and substance. This machine excels in giving you a good lamination output each and every time you use it. If you are looking for a no hassles, low maintenance household laminator, look no further than the Swordfish 230LR laminator. This machine is perfect for A4 sized documents. The complete package comes with a very useful pack of 100 lamination pouches of 150 micron thickness each. This product is well worth the money.

Q Connect A3 Laminator

Q Connect A3 Laminator Product rating

Our Review

The Q-Connect A3 Laminator is contemporary in the true sense of the word. Designed specially for heavy work loads, the device boasts of many new age features that compel you to consider this option very seriously before you make a buying decision. The makers have acknowledged the frustration caused by pouch jams with laminators, and have specially taken care so that the users experience jam free smooth working. Q-Connect has established a strong foothold in the small office aimed laminator market, courtesy introduction of very reasonably priced units that are sufficient to handle the office jobs. Both hot and cold lamination options enhance the utility of this device and with the temperature controls integrated for lamination with different pouch thickness, the Q Connect A3 Laminator is a complete solution to your moderate lamination requirements in your office. The carrier less operation eases its handling. The quality of lamination is very good and the machine maintains the standard even if your pile of papers is large. The easy removal of mis-fed paper and a pretty swift lamination speed of more than 250 mm per minute make the Q Connect A3 Laminator a unique device and considering the price, you would not regret your decision to opt for the Q-Connect A3 Laminator over all the other options on offer in the laminator market.

XYRON 21.5 cm x 3.5 m magnetic/laminator cartridge for Creative Station Printer paper

XYRON 21.5 cm x 3.5 m magnetic/laminator cartridge for Creative Station Printer paper Product rating

Our Review

The Xyron 21.5 cm x 3.5 m magnetic laminator cartridge is a very attractive option when it comes to buying lamination material. New users might undermine the necessity of buying high quality lamination pouches, but the truth is that it is as important to choose good pouches as it is important to choose a good laminator. The material used in the manufacturing of Xyron 21.5 cm x 3.5 m magnetic laminator cartridge withstands high temperatures without any trouble and complements the working of the laminator, thus resulting in an unbelievably good output in the form of a well bound and glossy document. Ordinary pouches often result in damages to the machine due to coming off of the pouch material due to the heat of the laminator. But this product, being made of the best quality material, suffers from no such flaws. The best thing you would notice when you use the Xyron 21.5 cm x 3.5 m magnetic laminator cartridge for laminating your A4 documents is that a mere swipe of a clean cloth is enough to return the gloss to the surface when the lamination material starts getting a bit dirty. This product is a class apart from its competitors, and a must buy if you are looking to buy perfect laminating material.


Our Review

General everyday lamination needs, moderate office usage and school usage are such that they do not warrant bulky and too sophisticated laminators. And such usage is generally very efficiently catered to by laminators like the Fellowes Saturn A4 Laminator. It is multi-utility lamination device that is very durable, versatile and cost effective. The laminator boasts of many smart features that give it the edge over other competitors in the market. The Fellowes Saturn A4 Laminator integrates user friendliness with powerful performance delivery. Its compact design is bound to please every category of users. And this device handles different sort of lamination jobs with equal ease. The preset temperature settings for the common lamination pouch configurations ensure the ease of handling for users. The sleek design of this laminator is a bit of a misleading hint as far as its speed goes. It packs a punch when it comes to giving a good speed of operation. The makers claim that this laminator gives you a more than sufficient speed so that you can get rid of bulky piles of papers to be laminated in a jiffy. Considering the extensive list of smart features, it would be pretty safe to say that Fellowes Saturn A4 Laminator is your one stop shop for error free, smooth and consistent lamination.



Our Review

Intense competition in the office equipment market segment has led to the availability of a vast number of cheap and versatile lamination pouches for all kinds of machines. Such products offer you indispensible services at a pocket friendly cost. Probable buyers do not actually have to go to the market to check out these different options, but just by doing some research, they can narrow down to a few options. Inexpensive laminators are obviously preferred for medium sized offices and the best way to extract a superlative quality of lamination from such a device is to use high grade lamination pouches. The product is a comprehensive solution to all kind of lamination you would need from your machine. This is a combination kit containing a variety of sizes of lamination pouches, so if you need to laminate different kinds of documents in your routine, this is the ideal product for you. For the common A4 sized documents, this pack contains 10 correspondingly sized sheets. In case you also laminate your photographs, you can use the five 4’’x6’’ pouches included in the packet. Apart from these two sizes, the packet also caters to the need of laminating business cars by including five pouches for the requirement. It also has five A5 pouches. The availability if a variety of sizes in one packet makes this the ideal product to purchase if you are shopping online, and even otherwise.

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