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5 Star Office Laminating Pouches 250 Micron for Credit Card size 54x86mm Glossy (Pack 100)

5 Star Office Laminating Pouches 250 Micron for Credit Card size 54x86mm Glossy (Pack 100) Product rating

• Total thickness: 250 micron.
• Boxed 100

Our Review

5 Star has grown steadily to establish a strong foothold in the market of office laminators’ pouches, despite the fact that there are so many players offering high competition. However, the favorable position for 5 Star products has been due to the company’s ability to come up with consumer specific products. And in the 5 Star Office Laminating Pouches 250 Micron for Credit Card size 54x86mm Glossy (Pack 100), the company caters to the needs of those who wish to laminate their cash cards like credit and debit cards. And considering that most of us have more than two to three cards of different sorts, the product has a lot of probable buyers. These pouches, with the dimensions of 54x86mm, are made of high standard material that is reliable enough to laminate your cards with. The pouches in the pack of 100 5 Star Office Laminating Pouches 250 Micron are one of the best options in the segment. These pouches integrate themselves unbelievably well with the card material and protect the credit card from scratches and smears. Apart from credit cards, you can laminate any similar sized pages with these pouches. The pouch thickness is 250 microns. These pouches enhance the looks of your card as the laminated card gives off a shine from the surface due to the pouch. These pouches are ideally suited for you in case you wish to laminate your credit cards.

5 Star Office Laminating Pouches 250 Micron for A4 Glossy (Pack 100)

5 Star Office Laminating Pouches 250 Micron for A4 Glossy (Pack 100) Product rating

Our Review

People often buy cheap packs of lamination sheets in order to save a few pennies, but is it actually worth it when you are actually compensating on the quality of lamination? One thing you cannot compromise on is the overall quality which is decided to a great extent by just two factors; the first one being the quality of the laminator and the second one is the quality of the lamination pouches being used. But majority of laminator users opt for value for money options and don’t usually go for high end products. So, it becomes imperative that they use the best quality lamination pouches to obtain a good quality. This pack of 100 glossy A4 sized lamination pouches is a product that makes the bridge between average quality and goo quality for a basic laminator. The advantages of these pouches are numerous, most important being that they provide protection to your documents from accidental coffee spills and rough manual handling. Also, the lamination pouches bring a shiny outlook to the document. When you use the pouches with photographs, the beauty and impact of the photo is multiplied. Ordinary pouches often result in damages to the machine due to coming off of the pouch material due to the heat of the laminator. But these pouches, being made of the best quality material, suffer from no such flaws.

5 Star Office Laminating Pouches 150 Micron for A4 Glossy (Pack 100)

5 Star Office Laminating Pouches 150 Micron for A4 Glossy (Pack 100) Product rating

Our Review

The lamination equipment market is teeming with manufacturers of lamination machines and pouches. It might be pretty hard for new users to distinguish between the different qualities of lamination pouches available in the market. Experienced users of laminators can differentiate between two varying pouches just by feeling the material. There is something about the way the pouches feel that assures you of its quality. It eventually boils down to the feel of the whole thing and definitely, the output when the lamination is done. You would feel that the lamination sheet is going perfectly well with the laminator when it gets fed to it without any hassles. And that is precisely what happens with the pouches in question. Plus, the shine that adorns your documents is worth the money you spend on these pouches. Such a fine quality can never be achieved by using unbranded and inferior quality pouches. By using good quality pouches like these, you make your high priority documents immune against accidental tearing, wearing out, water spills etc. Another very important factor adds on to the utility of this product. These pouches are compatible with all laminators. So even if your laminator is not too sophisticated, its shortcomings would be overcome to some extent by these pouches. You are bound to be impressed by this product.

5 Star Office Laminating Pouches 150 Micron for A3 Glossy (Pack 100)

5 Star Office Laminating Pouches 150 Micron for A3 Glossy (Pack 100) Product rating

Our Review

People tend to disregard their laminators as useless and wastage of money due to their complaint that they don’t get the desired response from their expensive lamination machines in terms of the quality and feel of the laminated paper. Of the major factors involved in determining the overall quality, the deciding factor is the quality of the pouch you are using for lamination. You could always buy a pack of cheap quality and inexpensive pouches from the market, but the truth is that you would remain stuck at ground zero as the quality would not be worth it. However, what you should do instead is opt for a product like the 5 Star Office Laminating Pouches 150 Micron Pack of 100. As the name suggests, the packet contains 100 pouches, each of which is made of the highest quality material. You can tell the standard of a pouch by the way in which it gets fed to the throat of the laminator, and if this is the parameter you use to judge these pouches, they emerge as clear winners. When you laminate your documents using these pouches, you obtain a shiny outlook on the surface of the document which is very beautiful to behold, apart from the fact that the document becomes a lot stronger and sturdy after lamination. This product is a class apart from its competitors, and a must buy if you are looking to buy pouches for your machine.

5 Star Laminator Pouches A7 250 Micron Glossy [Pack 100]

5 Star Laminator Pouches A7 250 Micron Glossy [Pack 100] Product rating

Our Review

There is so much paper work involved in modern offices' working that managers need to devise a way to maintain their documents. And obviously, laminating then is one way to provide for their longevity. A laminator is a must for any office now a days. There are many kinds of laminators available in market, and you can easily find a device matching your needs. These devices offer you indispensible services at a pocket friendly cost. Probable buyers do not actually have to go to the market to check out these different options, but just by doing some research, they can narrow down to a few options. Inexpensive laminators are obviously preferred for medium sized offices and the best way to extract a superlative quality of lamination from such a device is to use high grade lamination pouches like these 5 Star Office Laminating Pouches pack of 100 A7 sized sheets, each of which is made of the best quality material. These sheets bring about a drastic change in the output efficiency of your laminator. The careful quality checks that govern the manufacturing process of these pouches ensure that there are no problems of paper jam due to these pouches, and the way they get fed to the device is itself enough to convince you of the quality of the product. These pouches bring about a glossy finish to your documents apart from providing them security.

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