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Cathedral A4 Laminator with Jam Release

Cathedral A4 Laminator with Jam Release Product rating

Our Review

The laminator market today is literally flooded with multiple options for prospective buyers, and it is pretty easy to get lost in the crowd. There are a few laminators that are worth the money you would need to spend. Users generally complain that the lamination quality they get is unpredictable, and if this is the case, it is safe to say that your laminator is no good at all, as the least you require from such a device is a uniformity in the quality of lamination. However, you would not face this problem with the Cathedral A4 Office Laminator. Consistency of lamination quality is one aspect on which the Cathedral A4 Laminator (with Jam Release) excels. Whatever time of the year, you can bank upon the fact that the laminator will be up to the mark. Besides, it incorporates the features that customers desire in a modern laminator. As the name suggests, the Cathedral A4 Laminator (with Jam Release) is designed for A4 sized sheets, the most common format encountered in modern day offices. The time taken by the machine to warm up is pretty small, i.e. merely three minutes. Among its other features are fixed temperature settings and speed controls. The Cathedral A4 Laminator (with Jam Release) works with both 160 and 250 micron thick pouches. There are few efficient laminators available at this competitive pricing in the market. The Cathedral A4 Laminator (with Jam Release) is definitely one of them.

Fellowes Cosmic A4 Laminator

Fellowes Cosmic A4 Laminator Product rating

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The Fellowes Cosmic A4 Laminator has an award winning design and is very user-friendly; the laminator heats in six minutes time after being turned on and an A4 document is processed within a minute. Special technology is used in order to keep all the heat inside the laminator, and even when working the surface never heats up. The maximum width of the A4 documents that can be processed is 220mm and dual temperature settings permit working with 75micron and 100micron hot pouches, but self-adhesive pouches can be used for cold laminating as well. Led and audio indicators signal when the Fellowes Cosmic A4 Laminator is done heating up and is ready for use; a dual-purpose tray is used to guide the pouches and protects the items form dust at the same time.

For better storage and portability, the Fellowes Cosmic A4 Laminator has a handle, cable wrap, and stand-up feet. The box contains the Fellowes Cosmic A4 Laminator and a start-up kit for ten documents.

Cathedral A3 Laminator with Jam Release

Cathedral A3 Laminator with Jam Release Product rating


Our Review

The Cathedral A3 Laminator is a fixed temperature laminator, which is suitable for office use. It works with A3 documents, does not require carrier sheet, and takes pouches that are up to 250 micron thick. The Cathedral A3 Laminator warms up in just three minutes time and makes use of an advanced roller technology, which results in perfect lamination; the jam release button permits hassle-free operation.

The Cathedral A3 Laminator is very easy to use and is a great value for money!

GBC HeatSeal H425 A3 laminator with additional cold temperature setting

GBC HeatSeal H425 A3 laminator with additional cold temperature setting Product rating

Our Review

GBC has established a strong foothold in the small office aimed laminator market, courtesy introduction of very reasonably priced units that are sufficient to handle the occasional office jobs of lamination as well as bulky document piles for lamination and household jobs like lamination of photos, etc. When you come to think of it, the most obvious feature of such a device should be ease of working and portability. By introducing the GBC HeatSeal H425 A3 laminator with cold temperature settings, GBC has virtually completed the catalogue of laminators. This device is a one-in-all kind of device considering its reasonable price and compactness. The warm up time for the GBC HeatSeal H425 A3 laminator (with cold temperature settings) is just 5 minutes, and once it starts up, there’s virtually no stopping. The anti jam proves of the device has been enhanced by the reverse button that comes into play in case of improper paper feed. The exit tray of the GBC HeatSeal H425 A3 laminator (with cold temperature settings) ensures that the documents keep on getting accumulated without any curling and wrapping at the edges. What you get is an ultimate experience with symmetrical lamination all around. The cold temperature settings make the device compatible with GBC cold seal pouches. Its clear color table enables the user to attain the best possible lamination. All in all, it is an appropriate option for your office.

Fellowes Saturn A4 Laminator

Fellowes Saturn A4 Laminator Product rating

Our Review

Fellowes is a trusted name in the market of laminators, and it has acquired such a favorable reputation by being able to cater to the varying needs of its customers. From high work load laminators to the purely household ones, Fellowes has a number of models up its repertoire. The Fellowes Saturn A4 Laminator 5701501 is a device that is specially made for mediocre usage, like occasional household usage and other small office needs, like those of schools. Obviously, if you need the laminator just for simple lamination jobs, and that too very occasionally, there is not much sense going for more expensive models with features that you don’t even require. In that sense, the Fellowes Saturn A4 Laminator 5701501 scores heavily as it is equipped with the basic and necessary features of a laminator. It is pretty compact package, and can handle up to 220 mm wide documents. The HeatGuard technology prevents the surface body of the laminator from soaking up the internally built up heat, hence, the laminator becomes very safe to handle and keep at home. Its neat and trim appearance adds on to the aesthetics of your office table. It is a value for money investment buying this laminator, as you would be able to laminate all your important documents so that they do not get deteriorated with time. Also, you can laminate your loved photographs. It would be a pleasing experience to have them bound in the glossy lamination pouch.

Fellowes Mars A3 Laminator

Fellowes Mars A3 Laminator Product rating

Our Review

The Fellowes Mars A3 Laminator can work with A3 documents that are up to 330mm wide. The laminator heats up in seven minutes and is extremely easy to use and is ideal for the home user or for offices that need to laminate documents occasionally. It works with 75 and 80 micron hot pouches and can easily process documents, photos, ID cards, and other items. Visual indicators signal when the laminator has finished heating up and is ready to use, and a single A4 sheet is processed under a minute; the laminating quality is consistent and even though this model has only one temperature setting, this setting can be adjusted in order to fine-tune the process; the anti-jam mechanism ensures continuous laminating.

The Fellowes Mars A3 Laminator weighs only 2.8kg, has a compact design and handles, which makes it very easy to store away and carry.

Users Reviews

Very affordable and it works just like it is supposed to. It takes some time to heat up, but I only use it once in a while, so I don’t really mind waiting a few minutes.

If you need to laminate hundreds of documents daily, then this is probably not the laminator that you are looking for, but for the occasional home user, it is perfect: the lamination only takes a minute, it heats reasonably fast, and you can laminate pictures and documents as well.

This laminator is a steal at that price, but you can’t use thicker pouches: the thickest that this laminator takes are the 80 micron ones, so if you happen to have a lot of 150s or 250s in your office, you can’t use them at all. Apart from that, I haven’t had any troubles with this Fellowes Mars model: it pulls the documents nicely, never jams, and the lamination is pretty good.

Works well, no bubbles in the laminated documents, heats up pretty quickly; good product and definitely good value for money!

5R Laminator

5R Laminator Product rating

Our Review

The 5R laminator works with A5 size items that are up to 140mm wide; this product laminates with a speed of 0.41 m/min and is capable of processing paper that is up to 0.6mm thick and card that is up to 1mm. The 5R laminator works with hot pouches and is thermostatically controlled.

Takes a long time to heat up, but once ready, it works fine. I have laminated a few cards already and all of them came out good, with no wrinkles or air bubbles.

This laminator works, but you have to be really patient since it takes twenty minutes to warm up and even after it does, you still have to laminate your items one by one and wait for it to warm up between the laminations again. However, at that price it’s still a bargain!

Swordfish A4 Home-Office 230LR Laminator

Swordfish A4 Home-Office 230LR Laminator Product rating

Our Review

The Swordfish A4 Home-Office laminator is ideal for moderate use and warms up quickly, from four to six minutes, laminates up to A4 size documents, and has adjustable temperature settings that permit the usage of pouches that are 150 micron or 250 micron thick. Another temperature setting is available that allows you to use self-adhesive pouches for cold laminating heat-sensitive items. The laminator is quite small, easy to use, and with laminating speed of 300mm per minute. However, it is not a high-end laminator that is suitable for heavy usage and you might want to make a few pauses when laminating a lot of items. Nevertheless, the Swordfish A4 Home-Office 230LR is a quality laminator and good value for money.



Our Review

The Fellowes Saturn A4 laminator has a sleek design, two temperature settings that permit the usage of 75/80 micron and 100/125 micron pouches; advanced temperature control for consisting quality lamination, and heats up in six minutes time. A light and a beep will indicate when the laminator is ready to use and you can process a single A4 document in under a minute; this machine is great for the home small office and comes with anti-jam mechanism and utilizes HeatGuard technology that keeps the laminator cool on the outside, even when it is working. The Fellowes Saturn A4 has stand up feet that allows it to be stored easily and has a carry handle as well.



Our Review

This laminator from Fellowes is a loaded version of its predecessors and is the comprehensive solution to all your household and office lamination work. When I say loaded, I mean it to the very core of the word. The laminator boasts of many smart features that give it the edge over other competitors in the market. The FELLOWES SATURN A3 LAMINATOR integrates user friendliness with powerful performance delivery. Its compact design is bound to please every category of users. And this device handles different sort of lamination jobs with equal ease. The preset temperature settings for the common lamination pouch configurations ensure the ease of handling for users. Fast start up time and swift lamination mean that even hefty work loads won’t be a problem. Coming back to the consumer usage ease, the laminator supports an anti-jam mechanism, so there would not be any undue halts in the working in case anything does go wrong. The side handle and stand up feet facilitate portability and ease of handling the device. Apart from these, the FELLOWES SATURN A3 LAMINATOR is equipped with advanced temperature controls; the lamination quality would be more than satisfactory each and every time.  Its HeatGuard Technology doesn’t let the heat to make the surface of the machine warm. There are audio and visual ready to use indicators as well. The FELLOWES SATURN A3 LAMINATOR is a superlative laminator that thrives on its durability and adjustability.

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